FT174X: Modular Miniature HTST/UHT Process System

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Product Description

The Armfield FT174X is a Modular Miniature HTST/UHT Process System designed to treat products at flow rates of 12-40 lph or up to 60 lph for water (or similar low viscosity products).

Standard Modules for direct heating (steam injection) or indirect heating (using tubular and/or plate heat exchangers), aseptic processing, upstream or downstream homogenisation and additional chilling are available.

These, along with many other options, allow multiple modules to be included in the same system, giving high process adaptability by reconfiguration of flexible product hoses, using quick release connections. The sterilisation options allow it to be linked to an Armfield sterile filling bench to produce aseptic product, even when using long holding tubes and/or downstream homogenisation.

As with all Armfield systems, it comes with hygienic fittings throughout as standard, it is easy to clean and very flexible in use.

The Touch screen control panel makes it extremely user friendly to configure and monitor processing parameters. The operator is prompted at every stage whenever intervention is required.

FT174X: Modular Miniature HTST/UHT Process System PDF

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