C15: Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel

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Product Description

The C15 is a new bench top Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel designed for undergraduate teaching. It has a 150mm (6″) transparent working section and offers a wide range of models for aerodynamic and air flow studies.

Options include an inclined manometer bank or an electronic manometer bank. A special feature is the electronic lift and drag balance, where sensors are used to measure the forces.

The model being tested can be rotated and the angle of rotation measured electronically. Readings are displayed on the control software screen and can be logged.

Models available include a lift and drag aerofoil, pressure wing, drag models of various shapes, a pressure cylinder, Bernoulli apparatus, boundary layer plate and a project kit which allows users to make their own models.

C15: Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel PDF

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